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Why choose us?




we are here to make sure you show up and get the results you want every time! 

We put in the work, so you don't have to. Specialized programming made for you. 

our studio is made up of hard working, dedicated, members whose effort is the life blood that drives our business.  

Meet the Team

We are the owners of Dutchmen Kettlebells. We promise to deliver you the following

-Improved Strength and Energy

-Improved mobility and Flexibility

-a studio atmosphere of support, accountability, and Results  


I am your Certified Kettlebell Instructor. every session together we will make you a stronger and more confident version of yourself than before.    


I am your Certifed PErsonal Trainer and 500HR RYT Instructor. I am here to help you restore and maintain stability,Flexibilty and strength.  


Personal Training

 we are dedicated to leading you to your goals. This is where you show up and put in the work and reap the rewards. if you have goals and dreams, this is where you start.

Mountain Ridge

Your Personal Training Journey starts here  

dutchmen yoga with 500 hr ryt yoga instructor desiree  


They work with you to set goals, hold you accountable and provide an environment that you look forward going to


Jason provides the encouragement for me to achieve greater goals for myself. More weight lifted, more reps complete, push myself to be better


I was stuck in a lull and needed someone to help me lose weight, but also to be an accountability friend that I need in my journey
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